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Framed Art Prints HEADING_TITLE

Framing your fine art print has never been simpler or provided better value for money. 

Our framed fine art prints service is easy-to-use and enables you to select your print type and then your own frame and mount from an extensive range of styles and colours; then see the finished picture on your own screen - even against your own wall colour to ensure a perfect match.  We have designed the previews so that they accurately retain the correct perspective between print size and frame width as the print size changes.  When your happy with your order and completed the transaction, we’ll deliver your framed fine art print direct to your door all ready to hang.

Please select and order your frame with absolute confidence, and if you have any particular requirements, please contact us directly.

Frame and Mounts Selection

We have carefully selected 80 different types, sizes and colours of mouldings and 20 colours of mount board from which you can to choose to have your fine art print framed.  There are seven categories of frame mouldings - Plain Wood, Black, Gold Effect, Silver Effect, Traditional, Aluminium Metal and Coloured Wood.  Each category offers a range of colours and sizes choice providing high-quality mouldings at excellent value for money.  Please contact us if you do not find what you want. 

We offer two widths of mount board – 50 mm and 100 mm - to better portray your fine art print in your chosen frame.  The mount-board uses acid-free surface papers and the core is treated to help maintain its clean crisp look without looking old and tired.  The range is ideal for framing all types of fine art - prints, limited editions and originals.

The Fine Art Trade Guild is the UK's trade and marketing association for the picture business.  Its remit is to promote and develop professionalism in the art industry - amongst artists, fine art publishers, galleries, and picture framers.  Our main framer is a Guild Commended Framer for the past nine years.  You can be assured that your frame is made to the highest standards set by the Guild.

How We Make Your Framed Print

Your chosen frame is custom made by our own framing team in our workshop using the latest technology for clean accurate cuts. A computerised mount cutter enables us to cut almost any shape in a mount with high precision.
Each framed print is made to the highest standards set by the Fine Art Trade Guild: 

  1. The print is dry-mounted onto a pulp board backing to prevent creasing and warping.
  2. Your selected frame moulding is then cut to size and assembled. 
  3. If you have selected a mount, our mount board is then precision-cut.
  4. The print is then glazed using picture-grade framer's glass or Perspex.
  5. The back of your framed print is taped sealed to leave a tidy and clean finish. 
  6. The frame is finished with d-rings, hanging cord and wall fixings ready for you to hang. 
  7. Each framed print is passed through our Quality Control for checking and signing off. 
  8. Frames are packed in thick bubble wrap, boarded on the front to protect against damage to glass/Perspex and placed into a twin - double thickness - walled corrugated box. 
  9. Your order is dispatched by overnight (UK only) courier to your chosen delivery address worldwide.

For simplicity, we only use clear glass or Perspex.  We have a maximum glass size that we feel can be shipped safely without breakage and above a certain size our technology automatically clicks in to allow Perspex to be selected.  Glass is used for print sizes up to A2 and then Perspex for the larger sizes.

Selecting Your Frame

Use the online facility to experiment.  Choose a frame and mount colour for your print against the room colour; don’t necessarily pick a colour in the picture to go with the mount or the colour scheme in the room.
Try to choose a frame width that is in keeping with the size of the image as a wide frame will overwhelm a small picture and a narrow frame will have little impact on large print.  Do the same when selecting the 50mm or 100mm mount to ensure you get the perfect combination of frame, mount and image.

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