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The Giclee Prints HEADING_TITLE

Every image on this posters of war shop is always available for you to buy as a high resolution giclee print - unframed, mounted box canvas print or framed print. We do not keep a stock of prints, we really do print and finish every fine art print when you order......on-demand.

Whichever substrate you select, your image is printed at high resolutions of 1440 dots per inch using a giclée print process that delivers images of unparalleled photo-realism. Giclee printing is recognised by the Fine Arts Trade Guild as a medium of the very highest quality for the reproduction of fine art prints.

We print on satin and gloss papers and special fine art paper and canvas.  All our canvasses and prints are of ultra long-lasting archival quality.  The end results are superb vibrant prints that truly provide exceptional quality and long life.

The images you see on the site are relatively low resolution thumbnails but you can be totally reassured that your poster or fine art print will be produced from an extremely high resolution image file so that you can be certain of an outstanding high quality print. Our fine art print quality images are in the region of 700 printed dots per inch.

Customers are advised that the prints they order may differ to some extent from the colours of the image they see on their screens; this is because individual screen settings on customers' computer monitors can vary greatly. Customers may also perceive a slight variation in colour under artificial lighting. However, we would like to reassure customers that the print settings have been customised to accurately reproduce the original photograph.

Printree's own staff on our own high quality ink jet printing machines in our own factory print all the prints you order from this site; we do not use third parties to fulfil your orders. We believe that by keeping everything in house, we can guarantee that you will receive the highest quality prints at lower prices in the fastest possible turnaround time. We are also able to offer more flexibility, printing sizes to suit you, restoring images and adjusting colours as necessary, and experimenting to make sure we continue to offer the best giclée prints around. And all this online on-demand at your request.

What is a Giclée Print?

Printree's giclee prints are individually produced high-resolution, high-fidelity reproduction prints produced on a special large format printer. They are produced from high resolution digital photographs or digital scans of existing artwork or photographs. Our giclees can be printed on any number of substrates, from canvas to watercolour paper to transparent acetates. They are far superior to traditional lithography in several ways:

  • The process uses six colour lightfast, pigmented inks - light cyan, cyan, light magenta, magenta, yellow and black - to deliver greater colour range and clarity and long-term colour vibrancy. 
  • The print-heads are finer and more numerous, resulting in a wider colour gamut and crisper prints of a high-resolution that they are virtually continuous tone, rather than tiny dots.
  • The ink is sprayed onto the page, mixing the colour on the page to create true shades and hues. 
  • The prints are produced from high-resolution digital photographs or digital scans of artworks. 
  • The substrate materials can be thicker and stronger and generally last longer.

This compares with lithography, which uses tiny dots of different sizes of four colours - cyan, magenta, yellow and black - fooling the eye into seeing various hues and shades.  Lithographic printing also uses negatives and printing plates, which invariably do not retain the level of detail required for fine art prints.

Substrates - Papers and Canvas

For simplicity, we currently use the following substrates on which to print your images:

  • Satin Paper.
  • Gloss Paper.
  • Fine Art Paper.
  • Canvas.

And you can choose to have your canvas stretched and framed (see below).

Please note that we can supply a range of other speciality papers and if you do require one that is not shown here, please e-mail us to explain your requirements.

Satin Paper

The Satin Paper we use is satin 3944 - 230 g/m² high quality photo paper - Supersorb Photo Paper PE 220 - which is microporous SuperDry coated, based on a high quality opaque white double sided PE coated true photo paper with exceptional fast drying time. This high quality paper ensures vibrant photo-realistic image reproduction and has super fast drying of all common inks with a very high ink limit and exceptional wide colour gamut with soft colour gradients.

Gloss Paper

The Gloss Paper we use is glossy 3938 - 230 g/m² high quality photo paper - Supersorb Photo Paper PE 220 - which is microporous SuperDry coated, based on a high quality opaque white double sided PE coated true photo paper with exceptional fast drying time. This high quality paper ensures vibrant photo-realistic image reproduction and has super fast drying of all common inks with a very high ink limit and exceptional wide colour gamut with soft colour gradients.

Fine Art

The Fine Art Paper we use is 315 gsm coated Smooth Cotton High White 100% Cotton Fourdrinier Acid Free Paper. This silky smooth surface structure is designed to retain the natural characteristics of a smooth high-white art paper whilst maintaining the necessary natural aesthetics demanded by fine art. The surface has a special matte coating, designed for high quality fine art and photographic reproduction and designed particularly for giclée technology. It is a high white ultra smooth surface archival quality paper with excellent colour gamut.


The Canvas we use is an Instant Dry Canvas WR 350 Satin - 350 g/m² which is a single side satin coated Artistic Canvas designed for high quality graphic-art applications on inkjet plotters and printers. This product is especially suitable for picture presentations as full colour graphics, reproductions of art and photos, where the structure of the fabric is very pronounced and decorative. Due to the presence of natural components (ie the cotton) in the base material, the surface characteristic may vary slightly.

Two coats of lacquer are applied on to the print to guarantee a long life expectancy. It is ideal for framed art with several major attributes:

  • A stiff base with a visible real-canvas-structure and good flexibility.
  • Waterfast, satin-finished coating for dye- and pigmented inks.
  • Well Suitable for stretching over borders.
  • Bleached backside giving an extra noble touch.
  • Good colour-brilliance.

You can choose to have your Canvas prints rolled or framed. In either case the canvas print is lacquered to better guarantee a long life.

Rolled Canvas Prints

In this case we print the image directly on to the canvas and then lacquer the surface to provide better water and scratch resistance and then, when perfectly dry, roll the print and place it in a strong cardboard tube for shipping.

Rolled canvas prints are shipped with a 75mm white space around the image to enable you to have it stretched yourself.

Stretched and Framed Canvas - Ready To Hang

In this case we print the image directly on to the canvas and then lacquer the surface to provide better water and scratch resistance. The canvas print is then carefully stretched over an individually custom-made wooden frame, and ready for you to hang. The image is not wrapped around the edge of the stretcher bars; we use a sufficient margin to enable the image to be seen on the front of the frame leaving a white canvas colour around the frame edge.

For frames up to sizes A2 (420x594mm, 16.5' x 23.4') we use 22 mm stretcher bars and for sizes A1 (594x841mm/ 23.4' x 33') and above we incorporate a central crossbar to maintain long term structural integrity. We can - if you require - supply them on 35mm bars. Each frame includes expansion wedges at each interior corner so that the frame can always be gently re-stretched to keep the canvas taut.

The largest standard framed stretched canvas print we currently produce is AO (841x1189mm/ 33' x 46.8') but we can make them up to 1000 mm x 2000mm. Again, do please contact us if you have any special requirements.

Print Sizes

We can print your image in any print size to suit your particular requirements but for simplicity on the website, our standard print sizes follow the European 'A' size convention:

  • A5; 210 x 149mm; 8.32" x 5.9".
  • A4; 297 x 210mm; 11.75" x 8.3".
  • A3; 297 x 420mm; 11.75" x 16.5".
  • A2; 420 x 594mm; 16.5" x 23.4".
  • A1; 594 x 841mm; 23.4" x 33".
  • A0; 841 x 1189mm; 33" x 46.8".

The original images available from this collection come in a variety of shapes and sizes (for example portrait or landscape). Where the aspect ratio of the selected print does not match the selected print paper size, the print will be made to maximize the size of the print on the paper, i.e. the longest edge of the print will match the longest edge of the paper. This effect is shown on the Image Preview - a Product screen which gives an accurate portrayal of how the image will fit on different print sizes.

Because we use the latest print-on-demand digital technology, all the images you see on this site are available at the sizes displayed on the Image Preview screen. Our image files are normally of sufficient size to print at high resolution at the largest standard print size (A0 - 841x1189mm/ 33' x 46.8' as above). In some cases an image may not be available at the higher print sizes (for example if the original is small it may not be possible to maintain high quality reproduction). Where this is the case the sizes that are available will be displayed on the Image View screen.


Prints can optionally be provided with a border (for example to allow for framing) of approximately 15mm around the image. This is our standard margin but we can amend this to suit your own particular requirements so please contact us if you need this changed.

Prints are not provided cropped. For special border and cropping requirements, please contact Printree directly.

Specific Sizes and Substrate Request

As our service truly is on-demand we are pleased to accept enquiries for special sizes, substrates and other services such as laminating, varnishing and mounting. Please contact us to discuss your own requirements for images in sizes and finishes of your own choice outside the offered range. We will be happy to try and help.

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